Another jquery lightbox

Available options

You can pass options as key/value object to zoombox() function

Key Default Value Description
theme 'zoombox' Define the theme to use, this will add a specific class to zoombox allowing advanced theming. There is 5 built-in themes : zoombox, lightbox, prettyphoto, darkprettyphoto, simple
opacity 0.8 Page overlay opacity
duration 800 Zoombox opening animation duration (ms)
animation true Set it to false if you don't want width/height animation, zoombox will be directly appended to body and displayed
width 600 Default width for videos and iframes (image size is automatically detected)
height 400 Default height for videos and iframes (image size is automatically detected)
gallery true If set to true zoombox will display a gallery of images thumbs
autoplay false Autoplay video opened with zoombox
overflow false Allow content to overflow the screen (if set to false width and height will be redefined to fit the user window)

Public methods

If you want to go further with zoombox and use it in your own scrips

Method Description
$.zoombox.close() Close zoombox
if you want to close zoombox within an iframe call parent.$.zoombox.close()
$.zoombox.open(link,options) Open link using zoombox
$.zoombox.html(htmlcontent,options) Open htmlcontent using zoombox. For example you can load Ajax content into zoombox...
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